Carmelo Siciliano

Carmelo Siciliano was born in Catania, Sicily in 1980. From a young age, he dedicated himself to his two great loves: Greece and music. In 2003, he received his classical guitar diploma with the highest honors and so he occupied himself with studying Greek music and culture, and traditional Greek musical instruments in a unique way. Thanks to the longs periods he lived in Greece he enriched his knowledge of the theory of traditional Greek music and repertoire, but mostly of traditional musical instruments: oud, laouto, lavta bouzouki, mandolin. In 2016, he founded in Italy the cultural organization "Filellenia - Center of Studies, Recording and Formatting of Greek Music, Dances and Traditions.He now lives between Italy and Greece and is developing an intense activity in spreading the greek culture and music, through seminars, the management of several websites and through cultural meetings organized by universities and cultural associations.