Ακολουθώντας  τον Οδυσσέα.

Η τέχνη της μνήμης...

Τον άντρα, Μούσα,  τον πολύτροπο τραγούδα μου, 
που πλήθος διάβηκε τόπους, αφού πάτησε της Τροίας
το κάστρο το άγιο, και πολιτείες πολλές εγνώρισε, πολλών βουλές ανθρώπων, κι αρίφνητα τυράννια ετράβηξε

στα πέλαγα η καρδιά του...

(Ραψ. α-1)

Κεντρική  ιδέα

Odysseus Journey Μusic Project is grounded in the general aim of intercultural collaboration. In this context, a common music Journey is a  powerful tool  for the development of interculturality when it comes to the following areas: understanding, developing a sensibility for differences/otherness, communication and communication competence, and the acquisition of experience through interaction with various cultural groups. The intertwining of musical differences and diversities is rooted in the knowledge of and feelings towards one's own musical and cultural identity, an acknowledgement and knowledge of other musical cultures that differ from "mine" and "ours" and a respect for them, and on one's ability for musical and cultural dialogue.