Which citizen of the world hasn't read or heard of Odysseus and the heroic journey/dreamy fairytale of his return, the Homeric "Odyssey"? Through books, theatrical plays, visual arts, poetry and music, everyone has met, got to know and loved Odysseus, his wife Penelope, and his son Telemachus. This also includes our team. We are united by musical memories we had as kids, our walking down the same educational paths, our common desire to not be content, as travelers, only by the beauty of the sceneries, the tourist attractions, the mountain and sea sports opportunities, the walks, rest and fun, but to also discover cultural paths. Influenced by the Homeric myth, the sea voyages and the ports of the Mediterranean, the prudent and intelligent Odysseus, we turned our desire into a vision. We turned this vision into action, named "Musical Journey Following Odysseus' Steps". We armed ourselves with written speech, melodies, and cameras in order to meet citizens of the world who sing softly the melodical tunes that Odysseus' steps left behind.



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