Born in 1990 and lives up to 21 years in Cataforìo, a small village of Reggio Calabria. In 2011 he moved to Rome where he began academic and musical studies, collaborating with various artists and coming into contact with different realities, first of all Etnomusa, a popular music orchestra of "La Sapienza" of Rome. From 2013 he began to study vocal technique with Gabriella Aiello, traditional oral singing with Giovanna Marini and attending several seminars with Elena Ledda and Simonetta Soru (Sardinian song), Alessandro Foresti (choral singing), Luca Nulchis (aesthetics and polyphony of Sardinian song), Dario Muci (polyponic salentino song), Luigi Lai (launeddas), Pietro Cernuto (sicilian flute), Andrea Avena (composition and arrangement). In the meantime he began a concert activity as a member of two bands: Skunchiuruti, band of greek Aspromonte, and Musaica, world music ensemble. In 2016 he took part, as a teacher, in the Erasmus + project "Dance and music as the roots of cultural identity" held in the city of Valencia. In 2017 he wrote the music of the documentary "The fifth generation", directed by Michele Ambrogio and collaborates in the theatrical show "La Fata Morgana" written and performed by Marica Roberto. 2018 opens with "Evocazioni e Invocazioni", a Solo project and the creation of "O Sud!", musical project about traditional polyphonies of south Italy written by Xavier Rebut.