Areti Ketime was born in 1989, in Athens. At 6 she started santoor lessons under Aristidis Moschos and at 9 she started piano and music theory lessons at the Athens Conservatoire. At the same time, she started having private santoor lessons with the Belarusian artist Aggelina Tkatseva which helped her technique and her general perception of the instrument. A turning point for her was her collaboration in 2002 with George Dalaras, Gerasimos Andreatos and Melina Aslanidou at the program of ZIGOS and her participations in the record "Apo Kardias" (From the Heart) which was recorded live at ZIGOS. At that point, she started her collaboration with great artists such as Glykeria, Stelios Dionisioy, Andreas Karakotas, Iraklis Vavatsikas, Dimitris Basis, Dimitris Karras, Giorgos Alkaios, Eleni Vitali, Haig Yazdjian, Dilek Koc, Shantel etc. She is more or less a permanent collaborator in the orchestra ESTOUDIANTINA, in all the musical ensembles of the MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS, of the brothers Papaemmanouil and almost of all the popular Greek musicians and singers. She has toured in Canada and the United States and she has appeared in Israel, at the festival Mediteranee (Ashdod). She has also participated in many theatrical plays and in the records of various artists. Her personal discography includes the CD single "To Tragoudi tis Aretis" (Areti's Song) and the records "Me ti Foni tis Aretis" (With Areti's Voice), "Kali Sou Tyhn" (Good Luck To You) and Pinakas Zografikis (Painting).